Love Me Bath Bomb (Coco Mango)
Love Me Bath Bomb (Coco Mango)
Love Me Bath Bomb (Coco Mango)
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Love Me Bath Bomb (Coco Mango)

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Hand painted Valentines bath bomb in Coco Mango with hidden embeds in red and yellow. 

Here is some information about the fragrance Coco Mango from the supplier:

This exotic fragrance will make you feel summery in no time! Refreshingly sweet, reminding us of summertime cocktails on the beach!

Fragrance Pyramid:
Initial Scent with most impact: Ripe Mango
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Mango continues, supported by subtle Coconut
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Vanilla, with light Musk

Ingredients are as follows: Bicarbonate of soda, Citric acid, Fragrance oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, SLSA, Kaolin clay, Polysorbate 80, Water soluble colourant.