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Large Kraft Gift Box - with option to personalise

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Make up your own gift box. Just add the box into your shopping cart along with everything you want to go in it. You can select the standard box for £2.50 with no personalisation, or if you prefer, for an extra £1 (so £3.50 total) you can have me personalise the box somehow. 

In order to personalise the boxes, I can paint a small motif of anything you like (within reason - I’m arty but no Picasso!). This could be some flowers, or hearts or a little message for the recipient. I have put some examples in the photos. If you order a personalised box I’ll send an email after I get your order to find out what you would like on the box. Please bare in mind when ordering a personalised box that it may take a couple of days for me to paint the box and let it dry, depending on my schedule so if you need it urgently, always best to pop me a message first. 

Please note when you order this box it does NOT contain any products. The price is for the box (with or without personalisation). You have to buy anything you want put in it, separately. 

Box size: 20x20x10cm. 

Note about the pictures: some of the photos show a box tied with ribbon. I only have a couple more of these after which it will be the box that is in the first picture with the flip up lid.