Beachside Adventure Soap
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Beachside Adventure Soap

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This soap is created to look like a beach scene and is fragranced in Adventurous which is a dupe of Creed Aventus. This soap is created by layering different quantities and colours of soap and allowing some layers to swirl into the others to create a wave effect. 

This soap weighs about 110g. 

Here is a little about the the fragrance from the supplier:

The style and Identity of the oil are reminiscent to a high end mens aftershave, but offers itself a great body.

Fragrance Pyramid:
Initial Scent with most impact: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Apple and Pineapple
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Juniper Berries, Birch, Patchouli, Jasmine
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Musk, Oak Moss, Ambergris, Vanilla